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Needed Wheelchair Batteries-Can America Help This Guy???? by Mark Schierloh – GoFundMe

Needed Wheelchair Batteries

Needed Wheelchair Batteries

Needed Wheelchair Batteries

Hello Community and Random Internet People: These are always sad stories. I have given a few sets of mobility batteries to people who are much worse off than us. This guy lives in the USA, or otherwise I would gladly help him.

Eric Roberts

My name is Nathan Say and I am a 31 year old Performance Poet who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a power wheelchair to ambulate. I survive off a combination of government assistance and a part time nearly minimum wage job. I’m writing today because I need new wheelchair batteries for my electric power chair. Medicare insurance will often not pay for the cost of the batteries in a timely manner, and I cannot be stuck in my house for the amount of days that it would take to get it replaced.

Source: In Need Of Wheelchair Batteries by Mark Schierloh – GoFundMe

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