Install your mobility scooter batteries-This can save the you money- How-To Install Electric Wheelchair Batteries

Install your mobility scooter batteries

Install your mobility scooter batteries

This video explains the best way that you should put your new batteries onto your Pride Jazzy Select Elite Mobility Scooter Chair. All mobility wheelchairs require new batteries at some stage of the scooters life.Thus, it will be important for you to learn how to install them, then this video will help you achieve your objective.

The scooter used in the video is the Pride Jazzy Select 6 mobility chair. Therefore, this is a very traditional model and a good example to show our customers, “how to change their batteries”. The video starts with a demonstration of “how to remove the scooters seat”. This stage is crucial. Because to get to the batteries, you are going to have to remove the seat.

He explains how to operate the lever, which you pull back to release the seat. As expected, you will have access to the scooters base. Therefore, at this stage, you will be able to see the batteries. The next step is to test the old batteries; this makes sure that they are ready to be replaced.

The first move was to check the voltage. The terminals are exposed, by removing the protective plastic caps. Accordingly, the volt meter should be set at the 20DC (direct current) setting.

Install your mobility scooter batteries saves you money

Most mobility scooter batteries are consisting of two 12-volt batteries connected in series to make it a 24-volt system. Therefore, when testing the battery with a multimeter, the reading should be in the 24-25vDC range. If the reading is below 23 -volts then the batteries will need changing.

This method is slightly different to the video. The guy then goes into the process of fitting the new batteries and rebuilding the scooter parts. By installing your own batteries, you can save money. Because you can buy your batteries online. There are many online battery shops, including





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