Batteries How you Drive Counts- Power Wheelchair Comparison between different drivers and vehicles

Batteries How you Drive Counts

Batteries How you Drive Counts

This is and interesting video, explaining about how you look after the batteries the longer that they will last. Naturally, you would think was common sense? but no. Accordingly, like most things in life, you only get out what you put in. The guy on the video explains that most mobility vehicles work on the same principles. of course, most work off two 12-volt batteries, making a 24-volt system.

Some mobility scooters however have different Amperages. Of course the most popular ones in the UK are 12Ah and 34Ah. I would agree with the guy on the video, that you should charge up your batteries, every night after use.There are differing views about this. It very often depends on how long the scooter is being used. However, the normal rule of thumb, is that if you drive your scooter around for most of the day. Then you should re-charge the battery up at night time.

Some experts say that an AGM battery. Which is the most common type that we use on our mobility scooter.Requires to be run as far down the cycle range as possible. Before they require discharging. I am not too sure about this.Because running the battery down could mean the driver being stranded away from home. Although i a sure that this has happened before, then i would not recommend it.

Batteries How you Drive Counts

I then revert back to the charging of the battery at night and  at the end of use, during the day. With some makes of scooters.So, you are not supposed to charge your  batteries with more than 80% power left. Some makes recommend that you should not charge the batteries with more than 12-hours of time left in them.

It is wise to check the makers It depends on how often you use your scooter but, as a general rule, if you use your scooter during the day you’ll need to recharge its battery at night.  There is no need to run the battery down before you recharge – it won’t damage or affect the battery’s capacity if you charge it when it’s not empty. With some scooters you’re not supposed to charge the batteries if they have more than 80% power left, or charge them for more than 12 hours at a time. The instructions should make it clear whether it’s possible to overcharge the batteries; this is something we look out for when we test scooters.

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