World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter -This Insane Inventor Built The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

All I can say, is please dont try this at home? All mobility scooters are powered by AGM batteries. Colin Furze decided to go for another of his world records, and create the worlds fastest mobility scooter. Of course the scooter is not powered by a battery. Hence, he has fitted an eighty horsepower four cylinder Suzuki motorcycle engine. Naturally, the engine was liquid cooled.

Accordingly, Colin had to upgrade the scooters tyres. As a result he changed the scooters chassis. So, this enabled him to upgrade the existing tyres onto go-kart tyres. Therefore, this would up-grade the tyres for the expected high speed. Of course, the original scooter tyres are only made for low speed use and would not tolerate high speeds.

The scooter was a “Days Strider” model, which had a top speed of 8-MPH. of course, to be included in the Guinness book of records, they must be stipulations? The stipulation in this case was that the mobility scooter, had to look like a standard everyday scooter. Thereby, this would mean that Colin had to modify the scooter as I have described in an earlier paragraph.

The trial was to be carried out over a quarter of a mile test track. As expected, Guinness were present to record the event. Colin took off at full belt and soon had the scooter up to an average speed of 107.6 mph, over the length of the course. This was eventually to be a new world record for a mobility scooter.

Colin is now up to more of his stunts and tricks. I hope you like what you have seen on this video. Because you can see more by clicking the links to Colin.



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