Invacare Lynx Mobility Scooter Battery Replacement-A video to aid battery fitting

Invacare Lynx Mobility Scooter Battery Replacement

Invacare Lynx Mobility Scooter Battery Replacement

This video was made to aid people with mobility scooters to save some money by being able to buy their batteries online. Therefore, replacing the batteries themselves. We hope that it helps.

I must admit, that i am surprised at the number of mobility scooter owners. That  call into our Halifax Depot. Thus to have their new mobility batteries changed, by one of my battery guys. Most of our battery sales are through the internet. However, we do find that scooter users in the Yorkshire areas, will collect their batteries.

The internet is ideal  for all wheelchair and mobility scooter owners to buy their batteries. Consequently, the competition has drastically lowered the price of the battery products. Scooter users have become familiar with the sizes and capacities of the batteries, that fit their particular vehicles. To help them we have packaged these batteries, into pairs. Thus, most of our customers can save a little bit less money, by buying the batteries in twos and not in singles.

We also recommend two particular makes of batteries, Lucas and Powersonic.Our best selling batteries are the 12-volt 12-amp and 12-volt 34-amp batteries. These batteries fit most of the mobility scooters on the market, including this Invacare Lynx scooter.





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