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Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility Scooter Battery

To me, it is not difficult to choose your next scooter battery.Consequently, the internet offers a wide selection of  high performing mobility scooter batteries.For this reason, we carry many types and makes of scooter batteries.

We recommend that you buy your batteries that carry a good respectable name. Therefore, two that come to mind are Lucas and Powersonic. These two well- known brands, stand out as very reliable products. Warranties are virtually nil. Kids motor scooters use very similar batteries.  Batteriesontheweb also offers a great selection of batteries for motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, atvs, go carts, we have a range to suit all pockets.

Mobility scooter batteries are AGM batteries. AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass matting”. Thereby, this glass matting soaks up the electrolyte that surrounds the lead plates. This procedure stops the battery from “gassing”. Thus this type of battery is a sealed battery. The battery can be fitted in any position without any leakages of acid.

The AGM battery is also a deep cycle battery. Accordingly, this allows the battery to totally discharge and re-charge. For that reason, this battery is ideally suitable for mobility scooters. A reputable brand that is recommended is the Lucas batteries. Of course, the Powersonic mobility scooter batteries are also a reputable product that is also recommended. Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility Scooter Battery

Because of their reliability, the Lucas and Powersonic batteries carry a 12-month full warranty. It is advised though that you check your battery charger is working correctly. Naturally, before you report your battery as a faulty battery. We find that the batteries are not indeed faulty. Because the customer has had charger problems.

Finally, any of our local and Yorkshire customers can call in at our Halifax store, in West Yorkshire. Please call us on 01422-410899 for the availability of stock.

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