Replace the Battery electric e-bike or electric motor scooter battery

Replace the Battery electric e-bike

Replace the Battery electric e-bike or electric scooter battery pack.Naturally, can be easy if you take your time and follow the system.Thus, this video comes out of Canada. Therefore the language is English.So this demonstration will teach you to fit your batteries. is pleased to offer this free presentation for those wish to do it themselves. As expected, this  saves the e-bike or motor scooter owner some money.

Always remember, that batteries contain acid. Therefore, it is wise to use protective clothing when handling any lead acid battery. Most of the today’s batteries are in fact sealed and so a little safer than their screw top counterparts. Most accidents are caused by the accidental touching of the negative and positive terminals.It can also be dangerous if you drop metal that connects a Positive and Negative connection. Be very careful.

Most of the rules are straight- forward and common sense. it is not rocket science to change a battery. it is however much cheaper if you do buy and fit your own battery. Just remember to match your new battery with the exact size and capacity as your old battery. Some of our customers have tried to be clever and upgrade the size of the battery. This can be done?.However, I would that you took some expert advice before this is done.

Stick to these simple rules and it will be safe for most DIY type of people to change their own batteries.

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