AGM Batteries for V-Twins-Yuasa are a good choice of motorcycle batteries along with Lucas and Numax


AGM Batteries for V-Twins

are built using a glass mat separator (AGM).Of course, this enables all the batteries electrolyte to fill the battery.Naturally, required to be soaked and stored within the glass matting.Thus, this is the difference between the AGM and the standard free flow battery acid in a typical battery.  Also allowing any

The AGM system used by AGM Batteries for V-Twins,will enable any of the gases given off during the charging process, to be turned into water. Therefore, this means that the battery can be completely sealed.Thus, making the battery totally maintenance free. Thereby giving the AGM battery an advantage. Thus, over the conventional free flow lead acid type of batteries.Becuase design benefits of the glass matting over conventional flooded batteries enable the battery pack to operate under a higher pressure without any fear of insufficient electrolyte between the plates. Thereupon, leading to the increase of durability that is offered by AGM batteries over flooded lead acid batteries.

AGM Batteries for V-Twins

Naturally, the quality of the glass mat is a critical item.Thus, in providing the maximum life of the battery that is most suitable.Including, for the application.As expected, this experience in AGM technology has been gained by Yuasa. From over the past 44 years expertise in the AGM battery field. The motorcycle application battery designs are in tandem with the higher rate of starting performance. Because the cycle life offers increased performance and technical designs to suit the modern car and motorcycles.

Yuasa Battery, Inc. has been manufacturing motorcycle batteries in the U.S.A. to uncompromisingly high standards since 1979. Most of the large capacity Powersports batteries are made in our Laureldale, PA plant. All other Powersports batteries are produced in a Yuasa state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in various countries throughout the world. Each Yuasa facility follows the same rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the highest Yuasa quality standards are met.

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