Fold and Go Mobility Scooters fitted with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries

A Demonstration of the Fold and Go range of Mobility Scooters. The primary emphasis coming out of this video is the use of Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are replacing the heavier versions, the AGM batteries. Most of my readers will know. That I do not trust the Lithium-Ion technology. Smaller portable electrical items, such as gentlemen’s┬árazors have used this type of battery for a few years now. They do appear to be safe and not catch fire.

Of course, the larger the battery then the chance of them catching fire, becomes more realistic. For this reason, I would have tested the Lithium-ion batteries a little longer. As a result, we would have had more data. Thus, on the fact that these batteries are fitted to mobility scooters. These are the people who do not need setting on fire. Because this is what has been happening.

Lithium batteries have been catching fire at several different situations, over the past few years. In fact, Most airlines have banned transporting these batteries. For this reason, they are a fire hazard risk.

Fold and Go Mobility Scooters fitted with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Naturally, many people who ride these mobility scooters are physically challenged, and at the later stages of their lives. So the last thing that they need is their scooter to catch fire. Of course, there is an alternative. The trusty sealed lead acid AGM battery. Of course, these batteries have proved to be as reliable over some years. They have been tried and tested, and indeed trusted by the battery trade and their users.

I have nothing against the Lithium-Ion batteries in general use. However, I do feel that they should have been tested and tried over a much longer period. Especially, on mobility scooters. In fact, I could not think of a worse thing than a scooter battery catching fire. Hence, in the middle of nowhere. The jury is out, and I rest my case.

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