Optima Electric Car Battery Comparison – AGM, GEL and Wet – SEMA 2009

Optima Electric Car Battery Comparison

Rob Wray from mp3Car talks with Ron Rizzo. Ron is from Optima Batteries. They talk about the different advantages of an AGM battery over other types of batteries for in-vehicle use. One important thing that can be recognised is that the Optima battery stands out above other battery brands. The first thing is the battery shape? The Optima stands out from other brands from the way that the battery is built and engineered.

The Optima batteries are constructed in spiral cells composition. One advantage is that the Optima battery is made from 99.9% pure lead. The purity of the lead allows optima to conduct electricity a lot faster than the regular lead acid lead alloy plates. This enables the Optima batteries to recharge must faster as well as retention of voltage. As I have said earlier, the Optima red top, as well as the other series, have a patented spiral-cell Technology.

This enables, this type of car battery to charge and discharge in deeper cycles. The Optima is also made from a stronger material and thus is more vibration resistant. This kind of battery is also a sealed battery. The sealed battery can be fitted in any position in the car. This is because they are sealed. Then this type of battery is much safer. Because there will be no acid spillage in an accident situation.

Optima Electric Car Battery Comparison

It is imperative especially if you are in harsh environments or conditions and trying to get your car battery to start up or power up. It is also necessary for maintenance. Vibration resistance also allows the car battery to be better maintained over an extended period. The case of the Optima red top batteries has completely sealed cases which prevent any leaks and prevents contamination. Last and most importantly the Optima battery series has twice the life of an average AGM battery!

The AGM battery is much stronger and will last much longer than the standard lead acid car battery.

There is always a downside. Consequently, these batteries have been very reliable with little trouble to the motorists.



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