Changing Mobility Scooter Batteries-How to change the battery in a mobility scooter


Changing Mobility Scooter Batteries

This video shows how to change the batteries in a Kymco Super 4 mobility scooter and is brought to you by All Mobility Stirling.

Kymco Super 4 mobility scooter operates from 2x 34 AH AGM mobility batteries. The Kymco Super 4 scooter is in the mid-range class of scooter and is manufactured by the Kymco Healthcare company.

Kymco Healthcare company started out making motorcycles. As it happens, the company found out that the same skills and engineering that were used to motorcycle could be used to make mobility scooters.

The Kymco Super 4 mobility scooters, can travel for about 20 miles before they need recharging. Beware though that is ten miles there and ten miles back?. The scooter is also capable of carrying some heavy people, up to say twenty stone.

As a tyre guy, I was interested to see that the scooter drives on 10inch pneumatic tyres. The swivel seat can adjust to the height and the riders leg length. The Kymco Super 4 mobility scooter operates with a full front, and rear lighting package and the whole thing runs off 2x 34 AH AGM mobility scooter batteries.

Changing Mobility Scooter Batteries

The Kymco Super 4 is now available in all colours, as long as it is red or black. The scooters equipped with a charger. This video explains to you what to do when your batteries need replacing.

Batteriesontheweb offers many other sizes of batteries to fit multiple makes of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. These batteries are very heavy. Be careful when you are lifting them. Try to get the help of an able-bodied person to fit them for you. Your local mobility shop would also do this job for you.

Your new AGM batteries are sealed so that there is no need to worry about spilling acid onto your furniture. You could wipe them down with a damp cloth. Finally, cleaning will remove any acid; that may have contaminated the battery, after manufacturing.

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